🚵‍♀️We are thrilled to host the Bushbaby Duathlon April 25, 2021 – Click for Details and Registration 🏃‍♂️


Bushbaby Lodge offers comfortable accommodation, dining, and recreational facilities. Relax, play, explore, and enjoy a healthful mixture of traditional and international meals.

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Forget about cooking while you rest and enjoy your stay at Bushbaby Lodge. Heard of the 100 mile diet? experience a 0.5 mile diet with many of the ingredients for your meals coming from the farm on which Bushbaby Lodge is located.

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Bushbaby Lodge is located within a private family-run farm including an on-property old-growth forest. Guests can book a 1 hour forest walk with a camp guide. Or take a short drive to Ssezibwa Falls, a Buganda cultural landmark located nearby.

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